The Presentation

I was dreading the day because I didn’t know what to expect or if what we had was the right thing but Thursday was a really good day. It was interesting to hear what everyone had come up with and see the presentations and there were some really clever ideas. I was really impressed by the other groups and it was interesting to hear the other groups who had tackled the Peacocks brief. We had spoken to some of them as we went about their approaches but seeing their final pitches was great.

Although we were both absolutely terrified I think we did well, but ten minutes turned out to be no time at all to try and fit in all the detail of what we looked at because we had covered so much ground. The nerves did kick in a bit but hopefully we covered the most important points.

Overall this module has been fascinating. I didn’t know what exactly I would be doing and at times was stressed with balancing everything in uni I had to do but I think it has been  a really good experience and I am glad to have done it. I’ve learnt a lot from it all. It will also be funny not working in our little team any more. I was rather enjoying it.

The Solution

Before we could even begin to raise awareness of the brand we had to establish what that brand actually was. We established a brand identity that we felt was a good image for peacocks and addressed issues that were underlying. The post on Brand Identity can be found here.

When considering how exactly we were going to go about the brief we considered a few unusual approaches, such as a pop up campaign that would interact with customers. After the chat with the store manager at my work we felt like we had a better understanding of how to approach the brief and ultimately we realised that Peacocks needed to embrace what it was good at and that is the family customer.

We wanted to look at raising the profile of Peacocks through running a series of campaign images and a good PR Campaign but we felt that we could not raise awareness and the fashion credentials of Peacocks as it is. We felt we also had to address the floor layout and visual merchandising, as we could not raise the awareness and fashion credentials of Peacocks through the media while the shop still looked as it did.

Raising the Presence of Peacocks

We Thought that an advertising campaign would work best accompanied by a good PR campaign would be best. Only having one would be beneficial but only to an extent, but both working together would maximize the publicity.

Advertising Campaign

We decided to create a print campaign to be placed throughout the appropriate fashion magazines. Television Advertising spots would be very costly so maybe not the best option for the brand as they are just now

We liked the pearl lowe images and decided to use this as inspiration and create a family themed campaign using one family.

We would create a campaign with images of this family, both individually and altogether, showing the family aspect of peacocks but that they also cater for everyone as an individual. We want them to be relaxed friendly and approachable but still stylish and fashionable. We took inspiration from both the Pearl Lowe and a designer called Kate Spade.We posted the mock ups of the campaign spreads here. These images would be placed near and in the same magazines as established brands with good images and so Peacocks would gain increased awareness and fashion credentials.

PR Campaign

For PR Campaign, some elements were already in place but they needed to be pushed further into the limelight. We found that there are already tools that are successfully used and receive great praise from a range of other brands and both national and consumer media. PRshots is a website that provides journalists with instant access to high res images for print, the relevant information to those images and press releases to make it easy for them to include them in articles. We thought that a good first step in increasing the brand’s presence would be making Peacock’s images and press releases more readily available for use. We have a post about PR Shots here

PR shots would hopefully increase the use of the images and not only would we have the campaign, but we would want to increase the products placement. To accompany the “Fashion made easy” element of the brand identity we would want the stock to be placed in styled editorials, Get the look, and current trend articles and perhaps even its own style by Peacocks articles to show how people can easily achieve the most in fashion looks with Peacocks. There are of course a variety of magazine Peacocks can place both campaign and products.

The examples here fit the target audiences, its not too high fashion and they for more to the peacocks image.

Peacocks also needs to be more involved in TV spots and clothes shows, with more products being talked about by tv stylists.

TV shows such as these are watched by a variety of people, all of whom are interested in easy fashion on a budget. They are also on at good times for our targets.

With Peacocks being more prominently featured in articles and photoshoots people will become more aware of the stock and its possibilities in creating on trend looks. It would be informative for the followers of trends on how to create looks, and enlightening to the fashion forward who would become more aware of stock and so take the brand into consideration as its fashion credentials are

While we would be increasing the publicity of Peacocks we would also want to use what is already existing. Peacocks don’t seem to make the most of many positive elements from company policies to good reviews, Peacocks have not taken advantage of a bit of good publicity though that could have really improved their fashion credentials. The Pearl Lowe collection was featured on along side an interview. Having “As seen on” would have been a big improvement. They also should have had a “Look Who’s Wearing Peacocks” section on the website or in-store as Some dresses have been sought after by a variety of celebrities. One £35 dress was in demand by several celebrities from Holly Wiloughby to Courtney Love.

Peacocks also need to use Pearl Lowe’s exclusive designs to their advantage as well. More interviews in magazines, online and tv with style spots as well with Pearl Lowe herself showing how to create looks for whatever season using her collection


These interviews that appear in print should go further than within the Peacocks brand but they could always appear as well in an instore magazine. We think Peacocks would benefit from its own magazine that would fit with the fashion made easy side of the brand and also promote the positive aspects of the brand into the public eye. There should be a “we love” and a “shop the look”, showing the best of the best available at peacocks and showing people with great style and how you can get a similar look at peacocks. Articles about fashion trends, beauty, news in store, up and coming events and promoting any good publicity, from reviews on to charity or improving ethical trade it would be a good little insert to inform people. It still however would major in fashion, beauty and showng people the potential of peacocks clothes. There could also be a look book section showing the clothes styled. The magazine would cover all ranges instore and be suitable for both men and women.

They have a blog which we thought was a strong thing to have but it isnt done well. it needs completely revamped, to be written better and far more visually exciting. There is nothing that catches you attention. They have good basics, links with their twitter and facebook and competitions aswell as having different people blogging for them. They have a member of staff who blogs about her pregnancy and how she is dressing, which is good but the posts have to be far more fashion based than what they are now. It would almost be similar to that of the in store magazine. We would also have an “ask a stylists” section maintained by people from the magazine personal shopper you can send any fashion queries to There could be themed posts which link with campaigns in store, like festival season, holidays, frequent flyer etc The blog should be more of a style/lifestyle guide, not pushy selling although hopefully the blog will subtly lead to more sales. 

Improving the blog, keeping up doing what they are with twitter and facebook and improvements to the website like removing the clutter and keeping the photographs of the stocks consistent would improve the online presence.

It seems fairly out of the blue in our approach to the brief to suddenly look at the floor plan and visual merchandising of the store but really it is also vital. We could not present a fashionable store in the media and when the customers arrive it does not fit what it presents

Shop Layout

We realised early on as well that the store was also disorganised and inconsistent so decided to create zones, having seperate areas for ladies mens and kids and increasing flow. We wanted it to be like the whole family would go together but also could go to their own section. We put ladies next to the door as its the biggest selling section and will draw in the customers. Mens were next to the door as well, and also next to the fitting room and till point since this makes their shopping experience quick and easy

we put main trends as their own section and to be the first point of view for customers so they are drawn in, and then would be lead through the rest of the department. Basics was set as one department year round and not one of the main focus points, people who shop for basics know what they want usually so dont need as much attention focused on this area.

Novelty section is placed in the centre of the store. We decided to keep this section as it gives the store a little bit of personality and is for all of the family, tieing in our family idea again. Placed next the till and to kidswear will hopefully mean more sales

Different trends and prioritys can be placed in the other sections of the departments, these would alternate throughout the year, in winter more outerwear, in summer shorts and t shirts for example. The post about floor layouts can be found here and here

Ethical Trading

When we asked in our surveys for peoples opinion of peacocks a lot of people thought that they were similar to brands like primark who regularly faces allegations of slave labour. Many people say they would not shop in Primark due to the origins of the clothes. Peacocks however have claimed to be much more ethical, although its not publicised unless you go looking on the website. So we decided to create posters to be hung in fitting rooms and and beside cash desks. Also things to go over hangers as they have a relationship with a company Braitrim to re-use/recycle hangers and do lots of little things to help the environment so these things need to publicised.

Visuals in store

We also want to create more of a display in store, and thought tying in the campaign images would bring everything together, creating a red string effect. Customers would see the images in magazines, then see them in the windows and hopefully this would draw them in and then draw them to the main collection at that time.  Merchandising would also become a top priority throughout the stores. Guidelines would be released from head office on how the trends should be displayed to maximise the look of the clothes and making shopping easier. Clothes and colours that go together to create outfits would be merchandised together and tying back into the blog and magazines, looks that would be featured online would also be merchandised on rails in-store. The store should be all about making things easy for families to find, they days of routing around trying to find something suitable are over. Mannequins and displays would also be a big priority and would be changed regularly to keep updating people on the potential of the clothes. These guidelines would be put in place and maintained by the staff of the shops and tighter regulations would be in place to ensure the floor remains tidy.


We have addressed the inconsistencies within the Peacocks Brand Image and looked at the presence of the company throughout a variety of media and covered a lot of ground in doing so. We had to keep in mind AIDA – attention interest desire action. So by promoting the brand image, creating a campaign and increasing presence across media we gain attention. With the positive image promoted through use of good reviews and promoting peacocks involvement through ethical trade and showing the potential of Peacocks clothing we gain interest. Increased presence means more familiarity with the stock creates desire and there will always be links to website, blogs, facebook, magazines and to the store to generate action.

Research Stage

As we started the brief we had to gather up as much information as possible. We read up on the brand, looked over the website, established its history, found previous reviews of the stock, looked for what already was in place such as the blog, facebook, etc. and began our own research into how people perceived Peacocks.

We paid a visit to the store, the blog post about that can be found here. We used some of the techniques for our research like perception maps, swot analysis and surveys to gather up as much thoughts and information as we good. We had a big response on our two surveys which was great. They were written to help us gather up information on people’s shopping habits, what kind of shopper they were and why they went to the shops they did. We also have some previous blog posts on those here and from these We made our Personas

We looked at the current amount of presence Peacocks has in the media such as magazines and compared their blog to other stores and looked over current advertisements from competitors and other brands on the high street in both print and tv. We also interviewed the store manager at my work, who told us about the branding and advertising there and a couple of little tricks of the trade they employed and discussed with us the competitive market in which Peacocks was placed. It was incredibly interesting and great of him to give us the time of day

From all of this we identified many of the problems we faced. Our research showed us that many people had a negative view of Peacocks be it about the quality of clothes or even the origin of the clothes. The brand is far too Inconsistent throughout the shop floor and the web store, this massively detracts from the clothes and the overall look of the brand. The brand identity is unclear and as they try to appeal to everyone. Its very disorganised and they have spread themselves far too thin with their plethoric amount of subrands. Not all the stores are selling the most popular range which is the Pearl Lowe range, its not even available in Scotland. This is rather detrimental, Yes it is available online but being able to actually see the clothes and try them on before you buy is sometimes a preferred experience. The shop is also very intidy, the merchandising is poor and no one seems to be keeping it clear and easy to find what the customer is looking for.

The brief asked us to increase awareness and the fashion credentials, but there seemed to be a lot we had to deal with before you could even think of dealing with that.

Looking Over What’s Been Happening

With studio folios submitted, the exam brief presentations over and the resulting stress headache passed, it’s time to round up everything we have done. As it became more and more hectic I’ll admit we became not so great at blogging as we went along so the following posts are going to be a bit of an over view of what we did to come up with our approach to the Peacocks brief.

Brand Identity

We were asked one of the most difficult questions of this exam brief so far, we were asked to define what Peacocks’ Brand identity is. The trouble is its wants to appeal to everyone for everything and its confusing. Nothing is made easy and clear. There are other brands who quite successfully have menswear, womenswear  home and quirky things for example Urban Outfitters but with Peacocks nothing is set out so clear.

So we want to start by making clear what we think Peacocks should be.

Peacocks is family orientated, value for money, quality, ethical and fashion made easy.

The brand needs to embrace what it is good at. It does make money, it has survived since 1884. Its aim is to to be the best value for money clothing retailer so we have to take the value aspect forward.

Family customers are probably the strongest. Young families, mums and dads on a budget shopping with the family and so the family friendly aspect must be part of their identity.

Quality is of course an important part of most people’s shopping experience. People do not want to spend money on something that is going to fall apart immediately and if it does they are probably going to have a negative opinion of that shop.

Ethical is also important. We found in our research some people answered the question; “When you think of Peacocks what’s comes to mind?” with questions about the origin on their stock. If you look at the Peacocks website and go to “about Peacocks” at the bottom you are met with their ethics.

Even making a bit more about this in store or an element to a campaign could be beneficial to the companies image and awareness.

Peacocks is a fast fashion retailer. Fast fashion is fashion term used by  retailers to acknowledge that designs move from catwalk to store in the fastest time to capture current trends in the market. Peacocks could up their fashion credentials by showing their knowledge of styling, current trends and fashionable celebrities by showing how achieving these looks is easy with peacocks. Since families are the strongest customers they are looking for easiness. Through displays in the windows, mannequins, merchandising, online presence, campaign shots and much more, Peacocks can show that they know what they are talking about, and how they can help you achieve the looks that you want.

Peacocks Departments.

Departmentalising the store even further we have organised each department into ‘trends’ or ‘priority’s’, and organising them in order of what people will approach first. So for example, taking the trends from the peacocks website, if the current trend was 70’s it would be in the main trend section and studio 54 would maybe be prio 1 as it would be next approached. Basics is set to be in a fixed department as it is something people would go into a store looking for, and putting it near the back of the store would mean people will go all the way through the other sections to reach it. It should still have attention paid to it in terms of merchandising and visuals, but it isn’t as main a focus as people know when they need basics, they are more of a necessity than the most recent dress that’s in fashion that would be more of a focal point in order for people to make more spur of the moment purchases.

kids department/footwear

Mens department/Novelty department

Ladies department

Peacocks Store Layout.

As part of our re-branding strategy to make the Peacocks brand a bit more focused we decided to look at the floor plan and design of their stores. On our visit to the Dundee store we noticed that it wasn’t particularly well organised, interesting or inspiring to shop in. As they want to raise their fashion credentials the store would be a good place to start. Displaying the merchandise in an ugly way is not going to attract any customers after all.


The first thing that would be noticeable on seeing a Peacocks store is the window display, something that needs a lot of attention and will  really draw the eyes of the public to the store.

As ladies is their biggest selling department putting it as you enter the store will draw in passing customers as well as drawing customers through the department to the other end of the store. More focus needs to be put upon this section, more effort into displays and merchandising. Although the stores are family orientated and for male, female and kids, women do tend to do a lot of the shopping for the males/kids in their lives. So therefore making them feel that little bit more special will make them want to return to the store.

Men shopping tend to want to get what they need and go, so putting the Mens department near the entrance to the store allows them to do this. The fitting room right next to it also allows them to be even quicker in their shopping experience, keeping them happy. If Men end up having to wait on partners, children, family trying clothes on they are also waiting in their department, so sales may be made at this point.

The fitting room is a part of the store that is sometimes forgotten, however it plays a big part in sales, customers make their final decisions here, so if the surroundings or service is bad, sales will be lost. A comfortable and friendly environment is key to increasing sales.

The kidswear section being at the back means this is probably one of the last departments people get to, and so it is not forgotten it needs to also have some care taken with the displays and merchandising, making it more visible. Possibly making it more child friendly would raise sales too, and mean children would be happier to spend longer periods of time in the store… More time for Mum to shop!

Also placing the small novelty section Peacocks have next to both the kids wear section and the till point may also create more sales. Although it is a random department to the store, it is a little different and might be a fun touch to add to the personality of the store. Placing it next to kidswear will draw them in and make them want all of the little toys etc, a pain for Parents but good for Peacocks.

Placing anything next to the till point will also be good for some add-on sales. People queuing will be bored waiting and want to pick more things up (increasing the chances of purchasing the items) so little bits and bobs will probably be more likely purchased here.